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  • “You know you want this”

    By Zach Salling,
    “You have to sell the idea that his fantasy is being fulfilled and payment isn’t the reason why it’s happening,” Poseidon said, “Do I play the ‘I need help’ role? Or do I play the ‘choke him in the throat while holding his hand behind his back’ role?” These work-related questions circle in some Georgia State student’s heads. Their occupation: stripping. POSEIDON Poseidon, who wished to be referred to by his stage name for privacy, hails from the oily traps of the service industry. After highschool, he served and worked as a bartender. One night, he got fired for standing [...]



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    By Demetri Burke
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  • Who’s going to move the rocks?

    Who’s going to move the rocks?

    February 5, 2019 0
    Last year, Georgia State’s oldest building and home of geosciences, Kell Hall, was set for demolition. The entirety of the Geology Department: all the rocks, chemicals and equipment must be relocated. So, how would over seven floors of history and 10,000 pounds of rocks from all over the world be moved? The Ph.D. student responsible for the move, R. Kirn, has the answer. “A staircase,” he said. Kirn estimated that Kell at its prime hosted [...]
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